Dutchman's Stroopwafels - freshly baked in Sacramento!

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    A Dutch Cookie

    We sell freshly baked stroopwafels live on the first food bike in Sacramento!  A stroopwafel is The Netherlands' national cookie from a 200-year-old recipe.  It is a delicious caramel-filled cookie, sandwiched between two crispy waffle-pieces from cookie dough!


    • Dutchman's Stroopwafels is featured on KCRA - Word of Mouth Episode 3
    • New historical pictures of bakfietsen in daily use in The Netherlands here.
    • Now delivering special orders in Sacramento area - only $12 delivery fee within 1 mile of California State Capitol (additional fee of $2 per mile beyond 1 mile).
    • Now offering catering.
    • In the news...Monday, December 10, 2018!Good Day Sacramento on CW31
    • Know of a good location for us to set up or an event that you would like to see us?  Make a recommenation by email to: 
    • Food vending vehicle permit approved November 29, 2018 (think food truck).  We are excited to serve stroopwafels in Sacramento - come get your freshly baked stroopwafels from Sacramento's first food bike!
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    In the Media

    Published on  June 13th, 2020